Study of Rhythmic Coordination, Cognition, and Personality


This page has been provided for students at the University of New Mexico who are interested in finding out more about this study being conducted in the Department of Psychology. Participation is available only to UNM students in courses that offer credit for participation. Available dates and times to participate can be viewed on the Sona Systems research participation site.

Because we are interested in a specific population for this study, please sign up only if:

Please feel free to contact me if you would like any more information about the study:

Christopher Jenkins

Picking a time

To sign up for the study, start by logging into the UNM Psychology experiment management system. (The links below redirect to the password entry page if you haven't logged in yet.)

After logging in, click on one of the two "Synchronized Performance and Cognition Study" links there to view open time slots.

There are two links to this study on the site. If you are a woman, please select the link that ends with "right-handed volunteers only" instead of the link that ends with "right-handed men only." (These two links are used to balance the number of men and women who participate to be roughly equal.)

If you can't find a time that works for you, please email me at and I may be able to set up another session.

View available time slots

The location

At the appointed time, please wait on the ground floor of Logan Hall in the South lobby (this is by the doors and stairwell, on the side of the building that faces Redondo Drive and Central Avenue). (If you have chosen a session on a weekend or late evening when the doors to Logan Hall may be locked, the experimenter will wait near the South doors to let you into the building.)

View a map (surroundings)

View a map (Logan Hall)



If you decide to participate, you will be given a printed copy of the study description below during the session. (There is no need to print or sign this document ahead of the session.)


You are being asked to participate in a research study conducted by Christopher Jenkins from the Department of Psychology and Prof. Geoffrey Miller. This research is studying differences between people in rhythmic coordination, cognition, personality, and musical experiences.

The ability to make arm movements that are accurately synchronized with patterns of sound may be related to other abilities and differences between people, such as personality and visual reasoning. We will be measuring rhythmic timing along with several other traits, abilities, and experiences to determine how these differences might tend to vary together between individuals.

This form will explain the research study, and will also explain the possible risks to you. If you have any questions, please ask one of the study investigators.

What will happen if I decide to participate?

If you agree to participate, the following things will happen:

How long will I be in this study?

Participation in this study will take about 80 minutes.

What are the risks of being in this study?

There are risks of stress, emotional distress, inconvenience and possible loss of privacy and confidentiality associated with participating in a research study. In this particular study, we will not record your name along with any of your results. The most important risks to consider are (1) discomfort from completing the rhythmic tasks and from listening to stimuli in headphones, including the possibility that you may accidentally hit yourself with the drumsticks, (2) feelings of frustration or mental tiredness from cognitive testing, and (3) feelings of embarrassment from answering questions about your personal relationships and your individual personality traits.

What are the benefits to being in this study?

Although this study offers no individual benefits to you, more broadly, this study may contribute to better understanding of the use of music in social behavior and of disorders that can include timing deficits (such as schizophrenia).

What other choices do I have if I do not want to be in this study?

Participation toward this study can be used to complete research participation credit in some courses, but all UNM instructors are required to provide reasonable alternatives to participation credit. If the alternatives to research participation are not clear to you, contact your instructor.

How will my information be kept confidential?

We will take measures to protect the security of all your personal information, but we cannot guarantee confidentiality of all study data. Information contained in your study records is used by study staff. The University of New Mexico Institutional Review Board (IRB) that oversees human subject research and/or other entities may be permitted to access your records. There may be times when we are required by law to share your information. However, your name will not be used in any published reports about this study.

In this study, your name will not be associated with any of your answers or measurement outcomes. Your name will be recorded on this consent form and on the sign-up website, but it will not be associated with your individual results. Instead, we will record your date and time of participation and assign an anonymous ID number to your data. All information (without your name) will be entered into a computer system.

Will I be paid for taking part in this study?

No compensation is offered for taking part in the study.

Can I stop being in the study once I begin?

Your participation in this study is completely voluntary. You have the right to choose not to participate or to withdraw your participation at any point in this study without penalty. Simply notify the investigator if you no longer wish to participate.

(Note: You will be provided with a printed copy of this document during the study session. There is no need to print or sign this page.)



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